Our Programs

Get to know our broad portfolio of programs designed to help entrepreneurs and thriving small businesses build the region’s impact ecosystem.
Types of Programs

Our programs are aimed to support

Entrepreneurs and thriving small businesses

We offer business training, market outreach and access to financing to entrepreneurs and thriving small businesses on their journey towards economic, social and environmental sustainability.


We contribute to strengthen the ecosystem of growing entrepreneurs and small businesses with events, such as our "Forming Catalysts" program, and as co-leaders of the Impact Network, comprising +100 organizations in the region.

Inclusive Projects

We execute specific projects, such as mapping and designing financial products, together with partners with whom we share our vision for financial inclusion, gender equality, diversification, resilience and sustainability in value chains, and adaptation to climate change in the region.

Open Calls for entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurs and Thriving
Small Businesses

Our Approach
We lead the transformation of growing small businesses to help them become positive impact engines, and support their journey towards economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Capacity Building

We build capabilities for growing businesses, focused on organizational, financial, operational, and management efficiency and effectiveness. We support their efforts to embrace social and environmental innovation in their business models.

Access to Financing

In collaboration with finance sector players, fintechs, investors, non-banking institutions, microfinance companies and banks, we strive to secure friendly financing for growing small businesses.

Market Outreach

We help growing businesses tap into new markets, through our private-sector partners seeking to support their international and local expansion.

Data and Technology

We foster and facilitate access to technologies that enable data sharing and that create associations in a decentralized, safe and transparent manner, among growing companies, and business and financing partners.


High Touch Programs

We strongly support the development of the entrepreneur's talent by means of a diagnosis that helps identify the social and environmental management and innovation areas the training process will be focused on. This, together with market and financing opportunities offered by private-sector partners, will boost entrepreneurship growth and impact on society.

Who can Apply? Dynamic and growing formal ventures and small businesses already established in their markets (for at least 2-3 years), with potential for expanding their operations in a meaningful manner and for embracing positive environmental and social practices in their business models to maximize their impact.


Low Touch programs

We help entrepreneurs build a growth- and sustainability-oriented vision, spotting areas for opportunity and resources, and designing a business growth road map, from an environmental, social and economic perspective.

Who can apply? Companies in early stages of development, whether formal or not, with potential for becoming growing small businesses in the next 2-3 years.

Ecosystem Development


Forming Catalysts

We contribute to the development of the ecosystem's capabilities through train-the-trainer programs, synchronous and asynchronous, led by professionals engaged in training and giving advice to entrepreneurs and/or MSMEs at several stages of development.


YLAI alumni trained to serve as multipliers


professionals trained from Central American and Andean countries


virtual entrepreneurial events held by YLAI alumni in their local communities


Impact Network

The LatAm Impact Network is a group of 100+ organizations dedicated to strengthening impact entrepreneurship in Latin America. The network was formed to strengthen organizations that support entrepreneurship, promote collaborative work, and generate alliances in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Create a space for communication, coordination, collaboration and building alliances between support organizations from countries in the Latin American entrepreneurship ecosystem.


Identify the entrepreneurship ecosystem's challenges and needs to influence public policy, and private and/or global initiatives.


Serve as a source of information, resources, solutions and efforts of the ecosystem's players to support entrepreneurs all across Latin America.




Latin American countries represented

Drafting of a non-financial support good practices guide together with LATIMPACTO


tools included in the guide


social-purpose organizations engaged in the review of the guide tools

Inclusive Projects

Social Supply Chain Program: Unusual Partners (UP)

We grant regional corporates access to local and social businesses that are ready to join their value chains, and education on social supply and exchange between peers, to give them the opportunity to increase their supply chains’ resilience, making them more inclusive and sustainable.

Mapping and Design Services:
Lux Agora Fund

By designing an investment fund, we have helped women entrepreneurs from the Central American Integration System (SICA) region get access to financing and strengthen knowledge on female entrepreneurship

Payment Obligation (VPO)

We help entrepreneurs build a growth- and sustainability-oriented vision, spotting areas for opportunity and resources, and designing a business growth road map, from an environmental, social and economic perspective.

Specific Consulting Services

Ecosystem Mapping and Inclusive Product Design
Working together with partners, cooperation agencies and international organizations, our experienced team in the development of the region’s ecosystem collaborates in specific consulting services.

Previous Outstanding Programs

Acceleration Program

We provide entrepreneurs with the knowledge, networks and access to capital they need to grow their businesses successfully through tailored-made consulting services and access to mentors and investors.

Change Entrepreneurs

We provide the knowledge, networks and capital seed required to strengthen the development of traditional small businesses interested in embracing social and environmental impact as a differentiating factor.