Variable Payment Obligation (VPO)

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What Does the Program Include?


Support with the design of the program financial component

a credit product based on businesses’ turnover.

Design of business growth services

to strengthen MSMEs’ business model and as a risk of default mitigating factor.

Loan syndication models

that allow international investors to co-invest with the financial institution to market the financial component.

Milestones from the program's prior editions:

US$ 3.000.000
of cumulative loan
amounts disbursed
4 financial institutions
of MSMEs participants from the of pilot program reported increased confidence in cash flows, financial management, marketing and business growth strategies
4 countries
benefited from the program

Program Participants' Profile

Institutions regulated in the region, such as commercial banks, cooperatives, credit unions, and financial institutions. At the beginning, the pilot program was developed for women entrepreneurs. The institutions involved offered financial and non-financial products to entrepreneurs from the MSME sector, based on each supported institution’s strategy.

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