Social Supply Chain Program

Unusual Partners grants regional corporates access to social entrepreneurs and small businesses, education on social supply chains and knowledge sharing among peers, to build best practices for partnerships within the social supply chain.


The benefits associated with approaching social enterprises under the Proveeduría Social program include:

Cost Savings

The program cuts down the costs of integrating social enterprises in value chains.

Resilient Supply Chains

Integrating social enterprises to the supply chain enhances resilience to external impacts.

Sustainability Target Accomplishment

Meet your company's sustainability targets and enhance your ESG rating.

Increased Employee Engagement

Retain, attract and develop talent skillful and experienced in sustainability.

Program Structure


Active Recruitment

Efforts are engaged to identify social supply chain opportunities in the corporate world, and to recruit social entrepreneurs aligned with its supply requirements, thus connecting social entrepreneurs’ offer to corporations’ and anchor companies’ demands.


Support Program

Social entrepreneurs receive support through advice and mentoring to prepare for effective integration into the corporate value chain.


Corporate Education Program

It includes master classes, peer-to-peer exchanges, and workshops for the corporate team to gain better knowledge about social supply and inclusive value chains.

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