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To help growing small businesses build prosperity and social and environmental sustainability in the communities in which they operate.

We partner corporations, financial institutions, donors, market players, investors, foundations, and governments to develop and execute inclusive projects.

Projects to Join in as a Partner

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High Touch Programs

We intensively lead the development of the entrepreneur's talent based on a diagnosis that identifies the social and environmental management and innovation areas that will guide the training process. That, added to the approach to market and financing opportunities provided by partners of the private sector, will enhance the growth and impact of the company in society.

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Low Touch Programs

We help entrepreneurs to build a vision oriented towards growth and sustainability, identifying opportunity areas and resources, and designing a route for business growth from an environmental, social and economic perspective.

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Forming Catalysts

We contribute to the development of the ecosystem's capabilities through train-the-trainer programs, synchronous and asynchronous, for professionals engaged in training and giving advice to entrepreneurs and/or MSMEs at several stages of development.

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Social Supply Chain Program | Unusual Partners (UP)

We grant regional corporates access to social businesses, education on social supply chains and knowledge sharing among peers, connecting them to entrepreneurs and small businesses to build best practices for partnerships within the social supply chain.

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Consulting Services

We offer specific consulting services to identify synergies among the region's several players and co-create inclusive products, enabling collaborations to prevent duplicate efforts and the inefficient use of resources by the entrepreneurship ecosystem's support players in the region.

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How Do We Collaborate with Our Partners?

Our collaborations with partners are based on a holistic approach that address the specific opportunities identified in the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

We also embrace social and environmental sustainability as cross-cutting themes, together with a specific approach to gender equality and climate change adaptation and mitigation.

We co-create projects with our partners, designing offerings in line with their needs and also with our impact mission and the mission of the entrepreneurs that work with us.

We ensure that all players involved in each initiative are given a voice to be able to implement and secure overarching tools and methodologies that help sustain each project’s positive impact in the long term.

We monitor and follow up on metrics to identify opportunities for improvement and measure our performance and impact. We document lessons learned and findings to serve as inputs for other players in the entrepreneurship ecosystem.


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