In order to scale our impact, and realizing the need to train a new generation of leaders and educators to foster sustainable entrepreneurship across the region, in 2019 Agora designed and launched "Forming Catalysts" , a program to replicate our approach and methodology, and train entrepreneurship support organization professionals on how to better support entrepreneurs in a holistic way.

Forming Catalysts develops business support skills, in order to inspire, educate and prepare the next generation of entrepreneurs in Latin America. The program aims to boost entrepreneurship in the region through the empowerment of new generations of change agents, the fostering of an entrepreneurial spirit, and the promotion of self-employment through the creation of strong businesses. In light of the economic devastation that accompanied the COVID-19 pandemic, local entrepreneurship ecosystems will play a key role in rebuilding regional economies.

The program methodology focuses on the following topics:

  • Effective facilitation and mentoring techniques
  • Cultivation of an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Business skills development

In addition, participants also receive a toolkit that they can use directly with the entrepreneurs they support, and get access to a wide network of peers and resources, thus creating a strong cooperation spirit within the ecosystem.

  • 42 YLAI alumni trained to serve as entrepreneurial multiplicators
    28 virtual entrepreneurial events held by YLAI alumni in their local communities
  • Over 150 Centralamerican professionals trained in the framework of La Idea initiative