Agora works as an Accelerator, Incubator, Venture Fund, and Mentoring Partner to support entrepreneurs operating in the thriving Chilean ecosystem. Annually, we seek to work with 10-20 high-potential entrepreneurs with maturing business models and an expected growth of 100% over three years. With Agora’s support, entrepreneurs are empowered to expand their reach and impact.


In Chile, Agora has created the following impact:

Basic Statistics:
  • 36 impact companies accelerated.
  • +100 companies influenced through workshops, events, or mentoring as a result of alliances with ecosystem partners.
2018 Results of the Accelerated Companies:
  • Amount of revenue generated since participation in Agora’s program: $16,392,590.
  • Median growth in revenue since participation in Agora’s program: 24%.
  • Amount of capital raised since participation in Agora’s program: $4,251,378.
  • Amount of people employed since participation in Agora’s program: 249.
Direct Impact Created by Accelerated Companies:
  • Tons of greenhouse gases compensated for (including CO2): 200 tons.
  • Number of individuals with access to safe drinking water: 2000 people.
  • Quantity of water saved (water resource management): 1,002,300 cubic meters (m3).

Proposals for action to scale impact investment and sustainable financing

More than 30 public and private institutions, as well as individual investors, came together to create an analysis of the different areas of the impact investment industry in Chile, with the objective of generating proposals of concrete action to overcome the identified challenges. These proposals were diverse in their maturity and impact, but all were looking to put the theme of conversation on the agenda through a collaborative process while developing actions that delineate a route map for next steps..


  • More than 40 organizations/individuals from the impact investment ecosystem attended the event
    More than 20 worktable meetings
  • More than 45 proposals in total
    15 developed proposals as part of the event
  • Submitted an actionable proposal to the government of Chile


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