Latin America, the specific country will be determined based on the candidate’s preferences and Agora’s needs


Type of Position:

Full time






Agora Partnerships envisions a world in which business is genuinely driven by social and environmental sustainability. We are a nonprofit organization whose mission is to create inclusive prosperity in Latin America through:


1) Accelerating the growth of purpose-driven entrepreneurs,

2) Promoting social innovation in traditional small and growing businesses, and

3) Cultivating entrepreneurial ecosystems grounded in collaborative action and impact.


Agora believes in the power of small and growing businesses (SGBs) to become drivers of positive change, aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We are a regional organization working in partnership with local actors to support SGBs on the road to growth and sustainability — economic, social, and environmental.




The Impact and Social Innovation Manager will play a key role in supporting and managing Agora’s transformational change towards the newly published 2021+ Beyond Strategic Plan. They will critically and thoughtfully improve Agora’s Theory of Change and Monitoring and Evaluation systems to align with this new strategy, ensuring client-centrism and robust performance in impact reporting. The Manager will work in collaboration with programs, operations, and communications team members to design and implement the systems, strategies, and mechanisms needed to position Agora as a pioneer in moving traditional small and growing businesses towards sustainability. In line with the increased focus on transforming traditional SGBs into agents of change, they will be instrumental in crafting experiments that allow Agora to determine what micro- and eco-innovations have an outsized impact on the economic and environmental performance of SGBs across Latin America. The Manager will additionally serve as an innovation champion, supporting team members with projects and models designed to meet the audacious goal of serving 20,000 SGBs in the next 10 years. 


For frame of reference, the World Economic Forum defined social innovation as “the application of innovative, practical, sustainable, business-like approaches that achieve positive social and/or environmental change”. Social innovation recognizes the interconnectedness of factors and stakeholders working in collaboration to develop effective solutions to environmental or social problems. 


This is an exciting position for a leader who is a team player, passionate about impact and not afraid of ambiguity and trial and error. We are looking for someone who understands people (user needs, behaviors), business (opportunities, emerging trends), technology (exploratory, user-perspective), and clients (SGB context), and the interplay between them all.




Strategic Design & Social Innovation


● Update and enhance our ToC based on the new strategy.


● Create the mechanisms needed to collect and analyze data, develop insights, and integrate impact and innovation in the organization, our products/programs, and culture.


● Critically think about the outcomes we want to achieve in relation to our audacious goal of serving 20,000 SGBs in the next ten years to design the best-fit outputs (leading and lagging indicators) that should be tracked.


● Support in determining innovative solutions to the new strategy implementation plan; create experiments to test hypotheses.


● Develop social innovation ideas from a wide variety of sources and principally based on field needs assessment (industries, clients, partners, staff, etc); analyze opportunities and weaknesses.


● Help create a culture of innovation within the team, create space for exploration, and grow innovation capabilities.


Data Collection & Management


● Engage directly with the SGBs and entrepreneurs who take part in Agora programs, designing and conducting deep dive interviews, focus groups, surveys, SMS pulse checks, reciprocity circles, and more.


● Support the project manager(s) in collecting impact data associated with our ToC


● Analyze and monitor data from program engagement, outputs and outcomes. Make recommendations for improvements of both program delivery and performance/impact data collection (continuous improvement); find gaps and trends.


● Manage technology projects associated with impact measurement, social innovation experiments, and prototypes, when needed


Impact Reporting


● Create, in close collaboration with project manager(s), internal and external facing impact reports that inform key stakeholders on our progress, lessons learned, and barriers.


● Provide impact inputs to communications pieces and donor reports



We seek outstanding candidates with skills on strategy, social innovation, and impact assessment.   The following qualifications are required:


● Approximately 7 years of work experience in areas such as impact, strategy, and social innovation:


● Expertise on impact methodologies/tools/standards, such as SDGs, IRIS, B Impact Assessment, etc.;


● Experience collecting insights (qualitative and quantitative), analyzing data, visualizing data, and synthesizing insights;


● Familiarity with methodologies/tools of Human Centered Design, ethnography, lean impact:


● Proven track record of engaging with pilots, prototypes, experiments;


● Continuous learning mindset;


● Data analysis skills;


● Clear and compelling writing abilities;


● Experience in projects management and work with clients;


● Experience working with start-ups, entrepreneurs, cooperatives, and/or small and growing businesses in Latin America; and,


● Fluent in Spanish, with professional proficiency in English


Agora Partnerships is a small nonprofit with an entrepreneurial spirit. We are seeking passionate individuals who aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves to get the work done. We value collaboration, creative thinking, flexibility, and proactivity. Though there is no single “ideal” professional profile for this position, we do seek the following qualifications in a candidate:


● Being aware that there are several ways to do anything, and always be open to try new things;


● Strong interpersonal skills and intercultural competency;


● Comfort with ambiguity, adaptability, and ability to work in a small, dynamic organization;


● Not afraid to be wrong and fail, learning from failures;


● Strong work ethic;


● Ability to self-manage and execute on multiple projects at once;


● Attention to detail;


● Time management skills; and,


● Sense of joy and humor.




This is a full time opportunity with a potential start date of late May 2021 or early June 2021. 




● Competitive salary for the region, commensurate with location and experience.


● This is a remote position with no office provided.


● There will be a possibility for travel once it is safe to do so.




Interested candidates should send their resumes and a Cover letter to jobs@agora2030.org. The one page cover letter should be written in the candidate’s non-native/main language (i.e. in english if he/she’s a native spanish speaker, or vice versa) and should address the following questions: 


1. What is your personal impact philosophy?

2. What do you think is the most important impact of small and growing business growth? 

3. How do you approach social innovation projects?

4. Please share a brief attachment that demonstrates a social innovation experience/project you have completed 

5. Please also include in the letter your salary expectations and the location country of your preference.




May 9th, 2021