Agora was founded in 2005 to serve entrepreneurs in Latin America and the Caribbean. Since then, Agora has been at the forefront of the impact and entrepreneurship ecosystems.


  • Industry events: Agora has organized and participated in industry-leading conferences, fostering co-creation and partnership among entrepreneurs across the region.
  • Financial Innovation: Agora established one of the first impact-focused investment funds in Latin America and has pioneered financial instruments for social entrepreneurs.
  • Field Building: Agora is a founding member of ANDE and B Corp, and has been a key participant in establishing the foundation of the impact investing field.

Agora is committed to empowering entrepreneurs with the resources they need to succeed and transform the world. We work with companies who redefine the way the world does business and exemplify four core values associated with highly successful entrepreneurship: agency, empathy, curiosity, and perseverance.






  1. A Greek word meaning “marketplace” or “public square” where ancient Athens citizens gathered to discuss ideas and exchange goods and services.
  2. An organization founded in 2005 as a modern-day “public square” that brings together key stakeholders to accelerate social entrepreneurship.