Collaborative Business Development


Did you know that 2.5 billion people around the world live with poor vision because they lack access to affordable eyeglasses? Meanwhile established optical companies have been ignoring this market. As a result, they experience profound inequalities in health, well-being, and economic opportunities. Now is your chance to learn from the experiences of a Latin American optical chain who is generating profit selling high quality, affordable glasses to a new customer base.

EYElliance is a multisector coalition that drives the global strategy to close the gap in access to eyeglasses. They have launched a new effort to catalyze the growth of an inclusive optical sector in Latin America capable of attracting private capital and development finance investment.

This initiative will de-risk new market entry, enabling aspiring optical entrepreneurs to benefit from the experiences of a profitable Latin American optical chain and tap into a currently underserved low and middle income eyeglasses market.

Twenty new or early stage last mile distribution enterprises have already engaged with the Miller Center's scaling methodology, experiencing 6 times the growth in revenue, investment, and impact within two years of the program than a control group of enterprises. Success with the scaling methodology is due in no small part to the extensive network of seasoned Silicon Valley mentors with which the Miller Center works.

At the end of the 3-month program, participants will be provided with the tools to replicate the business model in their country through:

  • Detail understanding of the successful and impactful business model
  • The tools and resources to replicate the optical business profitable business model in their country
  • Strengthened impact-focused business skills
  • Introduction to investors to accelerate the growth of the business in their country
  • Continued mentorship through the development of the local business and a network to connect amongst graduates of the Miller Center program

Three months of on-line courses that consist of:

Online Webinars

One-on-one weekly calls with a Miller Center mentor

Proven successful scaling guide (workbook, guide templates,etc)


Collaborative Business Development will run between August 2020 to November 2020 and consists of a virtual scaling program with dedicated mentorship.

This program is designed to support new or early-stage optical enterprises to launch and grow their business faster and more successfully by applying best pratices from an inclusive optical business already thriving in Latin America.

The principal methodology of this program is a virtual scaling guide that new entrepreneurs can use as a direct support while implementing a proven business model in their country.

The purpose of the scaling guide is to provide:

  • Best practices - To learn from a successful optical business
  • Written guide & access to mentors - To localize best practices into new settings
  • Impact models - To replicate proven optical impact
  • De-risking - To create more attractive start-ups for investors

The program will focus on the following topics:

  • Business Opportunity & Impact
  • Value Chain & Business Logic
  • Markets & Customers
  • Stores
  • Sales
  • Product & Suppliers
  • Metrics & Measurement Systems
  • Teams & organization
  • Financial Model
  • Modes of financing
  • Road Map

How to apply?

The call for applications for the Mentor Collaborative Development will be open until June 20th. To apply, fill out the online application


The Mentor Collaborative Development is open to impact-focused entrepreneurial leaders with the following characteristics:


  • Ability to dedicate at least 10 hours a week to the program
  • Fluency in English & Spanish (both written and spoken)
  • Proven business acumen


Previous experience running a business (could be in a different sector than optical industry)

Also considered:

  • Optical entrepreneurship experience
  • Current owners of an optical business