Dear members of the Agora Community,


Our thoughts are with everyone in our community of entrepreneurs and supporters during this very difficult time as we strive as a planet to slow down the COVID-19 pandemic and prepare for the economic fallout.


As business leaders operating across 21 countries with responsibility for over 4,000 full time positions and many thousands more indirect jobs that impact millions of lives, entrepreneurs in Agora’s community are called to play a critical role in this crisis. As leaders who already work to build a better world, you understand the impact of your organization on the community it serves. The decisions you make now will impact your companies and communities for years to come.


If you are feeling stressed out, we understand. We are too. There is a lot riding on good decision making right now. Fortunately, we have within the Agora family some of the most resilient, inspiring, creative, and big-hearted entrepreneurs you will find on this planet. This is our strength.


The Agora community does not shy away from a challenge, and the one that is coming for us will likely be the biggest challenge we have ever faced. We will fight COVID-19 by being there for each other and mining our collective intelligence as a community of entrepreneurs to find creative solutions and to share them, learning from each other and supporting each other.


Agora is taking the following actions to respond to the crisis: 


  • Following guidance from public health authorities, we are going completely virtual until further notice and we are re-focusing our design work to be able to deliver trainings and consulting virtually.
  • On March 9, we postponed our 15th Anniversary New York City Dinner at the Lotos Club to October 15th.
  • As a reminder, the most important thing we can do now to protect our families and communities is to practice social distancing. This means a new way of living, but it is the single best way to slow down the virus and protect our national health systems from becoming completely overwhelmed.
  • We are looking at ways to reallocate budget to make sure that our most vulnerable workers, such as those who clean our offices, are protected even if they are not able to perform their jobs and encourage everyone to try to protect your most vulnerable workers.


Mobilizing the Agora community:


  • We will be organizing webinars around creative ways to generate revenue and tools for reducing stress levels – stay tuned and give us your ideas.
  • We have active discussions on our multiple WhatsApp groups and will share data in real time on that platform as well as Facebook (join the group here).
  • Do you know of resources or recommendations you think might be helpful to your fellow entrepreneurs? Please fill out this spreadsheet or email them to Cecile so we can update the list.

Here are additional links and resources for entrepreneurs struggling with how to cope with the crisis from a business and health perspective:



At Agora, we are here for you; we will get through this together. We will be reaching out to you with more resources and until then, stay safe!


Ben Powell

CEO, Agora Partnerships