Full Growth Program

The Agora Growth Program is specifically designed for impact-driven, growth-stage startups based in Latin America who want to scale. We equip entrepreneurs with the knowledge, tools, and networks needed for their next level of growth.


Agora’s competitive selection process ensures entrepreneurs receive the resources they need at the right point in time.


Step 1: Bootcamps

3 days each | ~20 companies selected per bootcamp

Entrepreneurs are immersed in one of our intensive bootcamps focused on a specific component of growth (investor pitch, growth plans, investment readiness). They gain concrete skills and get access to a network of entrepreneurs, partners and supporters.


Step 2: Growth Consulting

2 months | ~30% of bootcamp companies selected

Companies who demonstrate readiness in the bootcamp phase are invited to take advantage of expert, 1:1 consulting services to focus on actionable growth strategies. Consultants help companies deep dive into areas of weakness and capitalize on areas of strength.


Step 3: Investment Marketplace

Ongoing | select investment ready companies

Investment ready companies from the consulting phase get access to capital resources for revenue and impact growth. Companies are connected to impact investors and / or get access to debt financing to accelerate financial sustainability and impact.

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The first step is to ensure you meet our eligibility requirements.


If you meet the requirements, the next step is to take our online diagnostic. The results of the diagnostic will suggest whether or not you are ready to apply to one of our intensive bootcamps.


If you are ready to apply, complete our short Bootcamp Application. We aim to have an acceptance decision to each applicant within 48 business hours of submission. If you are accepted, we will ask you to submit payment and do a series of pre-bootcamp homework (approximately 4-6 hours).


The next phase, Growth Consulting, is intense, fast-paced and requires dedicated commitment on the part of the entrepreneur. For this reason, entrepreneurs must first demonstrate readiness in the bootcamp(s) before applying to Growth Consulting. We define readiness as the level of participation and interest you show during the bootcamp as well as the quality of the deliverable you create during the bootcamp. In addition to demonstrating readiness during the bootcamp phase, we also ask you to complete a short Growth Consulting application that may include a Skype interview with Agora staff.


The last phase of our program is designed for entrepreneurs who have the capacity, need and appropriate traction to raise capital in the next 6-12 months. To be accepted to the third phase of the program, Investment Marketplace, you must demonstrate readiness in the Growth Consulting phase. Again, readiness is defined by the effort you put into the Growth Consulting phase and the quality of the final deliverables produced during the 2-month phase. In addition to demonstrating readiness in the Growth Consulting phase, you must submit key business documents like historical financials and participate in a mock investor pitch via Skype.

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Application and Selection

Before going any further, we first ask that each entrepreneur checks the eligibility requirements posted on each bootcamp page to ensure you meet the minimum requirements.


The next step is to take our online diagnostic to evaluate your company’s stage of development and identify the most appropriate bootcamp track for you. The diagnostic automatically suggests one of three options:


1) Not Quite Ready: Entrepreneurs that are not quite ready for our intensive bootcamps will be directed to a resource page with ideas that they can use to continue developing their businesses to meet eligibility requirements;

2) Bootcamp Ready: Entrepreneurs that meet eligibility requirements and demonstrate readiness will be directed to a bootcamp application; or

3) Fast Track Ready: Entrepreneurs that show immediate readiness for investment opportunities are directed to a Fast Track Investment Preparedness Bootcamp application.


Applicants who apply to the Fast Track Investment Preparedness Bootcamp are required to submit historical financials, projections, and a well-developed pitch deck to be considered.


Bootcamp applicants can expect an acceptance decision within 48 business hours. Fast Track acceptance notification can take up to 2 working weeks and may require an online interview with Agora staff.

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Of course! Entrepreneurs are welcome to apply to and participate in as many bootcamps as they wish. There are, however, no automatic acceptances. If you are interested in attending a second bootcamp, you must apply to that specific bootcamp. Also note that participation in only one bootcamp is required to pass on to Phase 2: Growth Consulting.

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Each intensive 3-day bootcamp costs $800 USD, not including the price of transportation and lodging (if necessary).


The cost of the bootcamp covers all learning content and materials, expert consultants, a networking event, and refreshments during the bootcamp.


Our bootcamps are created and run by experts in the field of social entrepreneurship and impact investing, and include honored guests who are luminaries in the field. Additionally, all bootcamp participants become lifelong members of the Agora community, garnering access to global networks, discounted services, and ongoing connections and content.

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We will gladly provide you with a list of hotels near the bootcamp location but cannot logistically help arrange reservations for rooms. Lodging is not included in the price of the bootcamps.

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We offer the Agora Growth Program in regular intervals throughout the year in different locations.  We currently offer three cycles of the Agora Growth Program per year starting roughly in January, May and September. Each cycle consists of: at least two 3-day Growth Bootcamps, one 2-day Fast Track Investment Preparedness Bootcamp, one round of expert Growth Consulting over two months, and one round of access to the Investment Marketplace.


To find the most up-to-date schedule, check our Events pages for time and place of the next cycle.

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Yes, you are more than welcome to apply to a bootcamp not in your own country.  If accepted, you will be responsible for covering the cost of your own transportation and lodging for the bootcamp.


We recommend entrepreneurs attend either a bootcamp in their home country or one in an adjacent country.  This helps cut down on costs to you and also ensures you will be with entrepreneurs and impact ecosystem players in your region.

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Growth Bootcamps are intensive 3-day events focused on a specific theme related to growth such as identifying and maximizing key growth drivers or developing a compelling investor pitch. These bootcamps are designed for social impact entrepreneurs who have proven product-market fit, are garnering at least $30K USD in annual sales, and are ready to scale to the next level.


The Fast Track Investment Preparedness Bootcamp is an intensive 2-day event focused specifically on investment preparedness. Entrepreneurs accepted into this bootcamp have proven they are ready for investment through robust financial model and projections, well-developed pitch deck, and annual sales over $70K USD.


Entrepreneurs who participate in the Growth Bootcamps may later apply to the Fast Track Bootcamp when ready.

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Currently, we have two Growth Bootcamps: Business Growth Bootcamp and Investor Pitch Bootcamp. Please visit each respective bootcamp page to learn more about the agenda, content and what you can expect to get out of it.


Additionally, you can visit the Fast Track Investment Preparedness Bootcamp page to learn more about this specialized option for more advanced entrepreneurs.


In the near future we will be adding new Growth Bootcamps focused on sales & marketing, talent, technology and the like, so stay tuned!

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We look for growth-stage entrepreneurs who have social impact integrated directly into their business models. We also work with and accept startups who might not yet have a fully developed impact model but who want to make it an integral part of their business.


In the past, we’ve worked with entrepreneurs from almost every country in Latin America and the Caribbean covering over 12 different industries including health, education, circular economy, agriculture, ethical fashion, and many others. See our alumni page to see examples of companies who have participated in Agora’s programming in the past.


All Growth Bootcamp applicants should have a minimum of $30K USD in annual sales or a 10% month-over-month user growth rate. Please see each individual bootcamp page for more extensive eligibility requirements.

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Our online diagnostic is designed to give you an immediate recommendation of an appropriate Growth Bootcamp track. You are welcome to apply to any Growth Bootcamp track that interests you, but we do recommend starting with the results of the online diagnostic.

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Our signature Business Growth Bootcamp and Investor Pitch Bootcamp are designed to fulfill common needs of most growth-stage social impact enterprises.


In the near future, we will introduce additional intensive Growth Bootcamps focused on sales & marketing, talent, technology, and the like.

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Overview of Growth Bootcamp Process

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Yes. In order to get the full benefit out of our program, we ask each participant to do some pre-work related to the specific theme of the bootcamp.  After you have been accepted and paid for a bootcamp, you will receive an email from us including pre-work assignments, templates, and how-tos. Pre-work is estimated to take between 4-6 hours depending on the bootcamp theme and stage of development of your company.


You do not need to send us your pre-work ahead of time, but you do need to bring the completed pre-work with you to the first day of the bootcamp.


You will most certainly have homework post-bootcamp, but it will be up to each individual entrepreneur to determine when and how much of the work is right for them.  Post-bootcamp work is for your benefit only and will not be collected or reviewed by Agora.

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Bootcamps are generally 3-day intensive events during which you should plan to dedicate 100% of your time. Programming will generally be between 8:30am – 6pm with optional, but very much recommended evening events.

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Agora expert consultants and facilitators will lead most Growth Bootcamp sessions. For a look at some of their backgrounds, please see the staff page.


We generally invite other organizations and expert individuals to help us facilitate specific sessions throughout the 3-day experience. Networking events will generally include Agora alumni, ecosystem partners, and impact investors.

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Each Growth Bootcamp accepts approximately 20 growth-stage, impact-driven entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs generally come from a wide variety of sectors but are all at growth-stage and all have operations or offices in the region in which the bootcamp takes place.


The Fast Track Investment Preparedness Bootcamp is intended for more advanced entrepreneurs specifically looking to raise capital.  Approximately 5 entrepreneurs are accepted into this track.

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Acceptance into a Growth Bootcamp includes one team member.  If you would like to bring an additional team member, please get in touch with us directly for additional associated costs.


We recommend that a core decision maker like the CEO or a founder attend the Growth Bootcamp. The team member attending should have a good understanding of the business model, revenue streams, cost drivers, basic financials, growth goals, and be able to make decisions related to all of these topics.

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You can see detailed agendas of each Growth Bootcamp on their respective pages. The general structure of the Growth Bootcamps are three days of intensive sessions focused on a particular growth theme. All include community building, deep dives into specific topics, individual work time, invited speakers, and a networking session.

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Yes, during at least one evening of each 3-day Growth Bootcamp we will have suggested optional events.


At the end of the 3rd day of each Growth Bootcamp, you will be invited to a highly recommended closing event.

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Each specific Growth Bootcamp focuses on a different take-away or deliverable.  You can see an explanation of each on respective bootcamp pages.


All deliverables are designed to be action-oriented for growth-stage, impact-driven entrepreneurs.

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You should be able to use the take-aways or deliverables in the management and growth of your business. Some deliverables also include external-facing pieces that are designed to show to partners, impact investors and the like.

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Dress in what makes you feel confident.

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Snacks and lunch will be provided throughout the 3-day experience.  Hors d’oeuvres are provided during the last night’s closing event.  


Breakfasts and dinners are the responsibility of each participant.

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Throughout each 3-day Growth Bootcamp you will have the opportunity to connect with and learn from other entrepreneurs in attendance via interactive sessions and group work.  Evening events will give you the chance to get to know fellow participants in a less formal manner, and to connect with invited alumni, Agora partners and community members.

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The Agora Growth Program is a multi-phase competitive program that includes 3-day Growth Bootcamps, a 2-month Growth Consulting phase, and an Investment Marketplace phase.


In order to access the Growth Consulting phase of the program, entrepreneurs must prove readiness in at least one Growth Bootcamp and fill out a short application. Approximately 30% of Growth Bootcamp participants are accepted into the Growth Consulting phase based on bootcamp performance, quality of their bootcamp deliverable, and consulting application.


If after participating in one Growth Bootcamp, you are not accepted or do not yet feel ready for the Growth Consulting phase, you are more than welcome to apply to Growth Consulting at a later date.

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After participating in an Agora Growth Bootcamp you become a member of the Agora community. Agora community members are invited to regional events, become active members of our social networks, get access to a mentor database, are invited to knowledge-building webinars, and are welcome to apply to subsequent phases of our program at any time.


Agora community members receive regular communication from our staff regarding pitch, funding, and networking opportunities. We also like to celebrate the wins of our community members, so please always feel free to share any awards you receive or major points of growth or traction you achieve.

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At the end of each theme-specific Growth Bootcamp, entrepreneurs will have completed a growth-oriented deliverable. In order to dive deeper on a bootcamp theme, to better develop the bootcamp deliverable produced, or to work on a second deliverable outside the scope of the bootcamp attended, many entrepreneurs apply to the Growth Consulting phase of our program.


Not all entrepreneurs will be ready for an intensive consulting process after the bootcamps. Some entrepreneurs will choose to work independently after the bootcamp to continue growing their business before they feel ready for Growth Consulting.


If you’re not sure if you would benefit from the Growth Consulting phase of the program, you can take our short Consulting Needs quiz.


If you think Growth Consulting is right for you, you must first demonstrate readiness in at least one bootcamp and then fill out a short application. Approximately 30% of Growth Bootcamp participants are accepted into the Growth Consulting phase based on bootcamp performance, bootcamp deliverable and consulting application.

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Please see above regarding follow-up and community.

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Since the Agora Growth Program is a competitive process, not all entrepreneurs will reach the Investment Marketplace phase.


Entrepreneurs who complete the Growth Consulting phase are included in Agora’s investor-facing Deal Book and may be invited to select investor pitch and round table events, depending on readiness and stage.


Entrepreneurs who are accepted into the Investment Marketplace phase of the program are given access to a variety of investor-facing products and services including, but not limited to: investor round tables, discounted tickets to investor events, 1-1 matchmaking with qualified investors, and access to partner-sponsored debt capital. Each entrepreneur is matched with the product(s)/service(s) in the Investment Marketplace based on readiness, need and stage of development.


Agora never promises investment to entrepreneurs, but for those who make it to the third phase, Investment Marketplace, we do as much as we can to make meaningful investor connections and provide access to financing.

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