The Accelerator is designed for growing, high-potential social enterprises matching the following criteria:

  • High-potential and growing with traction in your market;
  • Annual earned revenue between USD $50K and $2M+;
  • Currently seeking to raise at least $100K investment;
  • A social enterprise, legally incorporated as a for-profit or hybrid;
  • Equipped with a strong management team with a record of success;
  • Producing clear, measurable, and sustainable positive impact on society and/or the environment;
  • Operating in Latin America or the Caribbean.




The Management Team

The ability of management teams to lead and grow the company is critical; therefore, entrepreneurial leaders should demonstrate:

  • Agora’s core values: agency, empathy, curiosity, and perseverance;
  • Knowledge of their own limitations and where they require help;
  • A team bringing the skills and experience needed to grow the company;
  • Dedication to work full-time on their companies.

The Company

We evaluate the company from an investor perspective. We are best positioned to work with companies that have:

  • An innovative business model, product, and/or services with demonstrated traction;
  • A sustainable growth plan and ability to scale;
  • Average investment needs of USD $300K (ranging from USD $100K-1M) within the next 18 months.

The Impact

We look for companies that:

  • Create shared value for all stakeholders;
  • Integrate impact within their models, so that as the company grows so does their impact;
  • Have clear, sustainable, and measurable impact;
  • Measure and are prepared to communicate their impact.